LET is the only institution in Zagreb ( with users from Zagreb and Zagreb County ) that his work with the target group conducts external work , which began working 2003rd and by the end of August, we have 579 intravenous drug users and 181 sexual worker involved in primary modification and distribution of supplies .

The implementation of both projects began 2003rd year with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Health – Global Fund grants . Funds have been earmarked for implementation until 30.06.2016 . year by the same ministry . The project is co-financed programs to reduce the damage the City of Zagreb in the amount of HRK 30,000.00 ( provided funds to 31.12.2013 . ) .

All the services that we offer users are completely free . All users are guaranteed complete anonymity , which is one of the main advantages of the association LET in relation to public health and social services ( use of coded messages that users receive when they are included in the program ) .

Harm reduction programs – working with injecting drug users

The main objective in working with drug users is to reduce the health and social consequences of drug use , with an emphasis on behavior change that leads to preventing the spread of HIV, hepatitis B and C and other blood and sexually transmitted diseases . The project is based on external methods ( outreach ) work, which aims to get in contact with the beneficiaries of the program where they are located and the specific conditions of life in Zagreb ( neighborhood functioning of life ) .

Organized two mobile units for changing accessories , so-called . mobile needle exchange . Vans Association LET stop on a total of 13 locations in the city , 361 days a year , with the possibility that users call or send a message on a cell phone : 091 744 7244 or 091 95555549 ( hotlines ) and agree on a place and time for delivery of supplies ( program : ZAGREB – CALL ) .

In his work includes people risk behaviors (called gatekeepers – people who: have access , influence , or are interacting with vulnerable groups . These are drug users , ex- addicts , pharmacy staff in which addicts come to buy addictive accessory ) . Number of gatekeepers who work with us are changing , and they currently have seven . The average age is 33 years gatekeeper . Five of them are on substitucijskoj therapy (called methadone maintenance ) . Outdoor workers associations LET are in regular contact with the gatekeeper ‘s.

The big problem with injecting drug users and the habit of throwing unclean , unsterile equipment in areas accessible to citizens , especially children , which she put at risk of infection from chronic infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C and HIV / AIDS. Because of this , our workers are regularly tested members of discarded equipment locations and the same pick up and dispose of in accordance with law .

Preventing the spread of HIV

The main objective of the project is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive health protection sex workers in the city of Zagreb . The project is also based on external methods ( outreach ) work, which aims to get in contact with the beneficiaries of the program where they are located. Van stops at six locations in the city , two times a week in the late night hours , with the possibility that the beneficiary call or send a message on a cell phone and agreed time and place for the delivery of preventive and educational materials .



LET continuously since 2004th year implemented projects is configured single-parent families and has been recognized as an important factor in this area .

Education center for single parents ( funded by the City of Zagreb , Department of Health , Labour, Social Welfare and prevention of addiction in children of single parents ( funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office for Gender Equality ) in the 2004th year .

We published the first (2005 .) And the second edition ( 2007). Handbook ” for and about single-parent families ” and distribute it in the four largest Croatian city . The manual was presented on the Internet , on the website of the Association LET . Within the project we were working with local authorities in Rijeka, Split , Zagreb and Osijek .

Assistance programs were continued in the 2006th year of the 3 project ( Strengthening social networks and family with single parent families in Croatia , Strengthening social networks and family with single parent families in Croatia – Zagreb experiences and social inclusion of single-parent families in Croatia , supported by Ministry of Health and Social concern , World Bank Office in Croatia and Zagreb ) .

In the 2007th year we implemented projects : Strengthening the social competence of single-parent families ( funded by Min . Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity ) , Strengthening the role of civil society in addressing the problems of single parent families in Croatia ( funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development ) and counseling and support center for single-parent families in Zagreb ( funded by the City of Zagreb Office for health, Labor and social Welfare ) .

In the 2008th year we spent Za_jedno project with financial support from the Min . Family, Veterans’ Affairs and the City of Zagreb Office for Health, Labor and Social Welfare .

In the 2009th year we secured funding from the City of Zagreb Office for Health, Labor and Social Welfare and institutional support to achieve the stabilization and development of the Association of the National Foundation for Civil Society Development .

In the 2010th year of continuing with the approved funds from the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and the City of Zagreb Office for Health, Labor and Social Welfare in the implementation of the project counseling to strengthen the capacity of single-parent families , and funds from the Ministry of Family , Veterans and Intergenerational solidarity and the City of Zagreb for project support single-parent families .

In the 2011th year of programs for single parents is supported by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development and the City of Zagreb City Office for Social Welfare and people with disabilities .

In the 2012th year programs are further enriched with new contents with the financial assistance of the City of Zagreb City Office for Social Protection and Persons with Disabilities , the Department of Education , Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth . For three years with different companies collaborate on shared Christmas donations to children of single parents, and we are confident that we will support this year .

We encourage questions rights of single parent families in Croatia , with a focus on children’s rights in the exercise of statutory maintenance of the parent with whom the child lives . According to unofficial data, only 40 % of children receiving assistance for maintenance ( alimony ) , and thus disrupted the relationship between parents and the financial situation of children . We also run a series of workshops and public hearings designed to help single-parent families .

In the 2013th year we held workshops on Emotional Intelligence cycle and successful parenting . We also visited Liverpool and there held a workshop as well as a meeting with governors the County and the deputy mayor of Slavonski Brod .

In 2014th years we continued providing services to single-parent families through workshops , support groups and counseling : lawyers and social workers , thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and the City of Zagreb



Association of Flight for several years implementing projects addiction prevention among young people as well as other programs in the area of ​​combating narcotic addiction .

Youth for Youth Addiction project which is one of the main objectives to increase awareness about the dangers of adolescent substance abuse as well as to learn about the risk factors that can lead to their consumption . The whole project is based on peer education . Funded by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth in 2012. The project is implemented in cooperation with the XI gymnasium and Graphic School in Zagreb. We started with the implementation of 01.03.2012 . and continuing this year by increasing the number of schools involved in the implementation . Requested the funds through tenders by the Ministry of Social Policy and young – not yet received a reply .

Smoking , alcohol , drugs – no thanks ! – The project aims to increase the knowledge of young people of all addictive substances ( cigarettes , alcohol , drugs ) and encourage young people to quality leisure time and the adoption of healthy lifestyles . The project is funded by the Ministry of Family , Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity . Was implemented during the 2008th year .

Promotion of healthy lifestyles of young and County of Zagreb : life without smoking , alcohol and drug – term objectives include improving the quality of life of young people and to strengthen the fight against addiction , with a particular focus on young Roma . He spent the year 2006, funded by the Ministry of Family , Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity . The requested funding from the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth to continue in the 2013th and 2014th year (not yet received a reply ) .

Zagreb County ( Department of Health and Social Welfare ) is the 2005th year project funded by the ” three P ‘s community development – addiction prevention, prevention of the spread of infectious diseases , connecting communities ” whose execution we reduce the possibility of infection of children in kindergartens and schools by collecting discarded addictive accessories and educating parents about the importance of early prevention of substance abuse in 2006. year project ” Strengthening the capacity of local communities to live without addiction ” and the 2007th year ” Strengthening social capital Zagreb County : disease prevention , increasing prosperity .”

Reaching out to the youth of the city of Zagreb in the prevention of smoking , alcoholism and drug – project is being implemented in the area of ​​Zagreb and Zagreb County continuously since 2006th year . . The project we recognized the problems of users ( two groups with high risk factors – youth 15-29 who gather in city parks ) , which is a unique and straightforward way of doing it – through external work – the arrival of foreign workers in areas where young afternoon or evening together and informing and educating about the quality of leisure time as a healthy and successful lifestyle . The requested funding from the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth to continue in the 2013th and 2014th year (not yet received a reply ) .

We translated the European manual for the prevention of alcohol, drugs and smoking, which is in collaboration with the Agency for Education is divided professionals who work with young people , mostly teachers and social pedagogues ( 1500 copies were distributed in this way ) .


The project is aimed at empowering women and the public’s awareness of the vulnerability of women to HIV / AIDS . Based on the values ​​of social inclusion , promotion of healthy lifestyles and protection of human rights . The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of life of women and the protection of human health and strengthening the role of the media and raising public awareness of the community on issues related to HIV / AIDS , as well as connecting and encouraging women’s active involvement in associations and testing the current practice of work in this area . ” No matter where the woman lived , who he was and what he was doing , she should never depend on your partner’s permission to save her own life “, said Bill Gates . In fact , women are vulnerable to HIV / AIDS around the world because they can not negotiate with their partners about using condoms during sexual intercourse , girls forced marry , represented by female genital mutilation, rape and frequent exploitation and trafficking in women . The pressure on the woman who cherishes family members , and fears that it will pass HIV to her child . The project has twice received the financial support of the Government Office for Human Rights ( 2007th and 2012th year ) , and now translates Glossary who made UNAIDS .

Advocating for changes to legislative solutions and structures implementing mechanisms to protect and promote the rights of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups – we started with the implementation of the 2011th year after the amendments to the Statute . We have sent comments on the draft of the Family Law and Health Curriculum in the 2013th year and the draft Rules of Procedure in Cases of Sexual Violence ( 2012th year ) .

Participation in the work of the Platform 112 – Platform 112 is an informal coalition of organizations for the protection and promotion of human rights in the country gathered on the occasion of monitoring human rights and the rule of law in the context of the completion of the Croatian negotiations with the European Union , which requires a different Croatia – Croatia in which the rule of law stronghold of the individuals , institutions and political elites .

This program is intended for the development of civil society . We launched networking associations in the field of harm reduction programs . Network Benefit Association operates in premises of LET .

We’ve created a computer program designed to facilitate the monitoring of the implementation of harm reduction programs, which is based on the ERP system .

We provided support to the Association of Combatants for registering associations , preparation of the statute and defining priorities . In the area of strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in Croatia , it is important to participate in the Platform Association FLIGHT 112 and the Coalition of NGOs in the health sector , and the new membership in the European AIDS Action Europe , the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe ( ICRs ) , Correlation Network and EURASIAN HARM REDUCTION NETWORK .

Program Improvement scale and effectiveness of harm reduction programs which was launched 2003rd year and resulted in the release of the Manual of harm reduction programs , organizing four debates on the same themes that connect with the local community , especially the city of Zagreb . We also organized the Center for Foreign Workers and volunteers in harm reduction programs to further educate and enable them to work safely all outdoor workers in Croatia ( the Hepatitis B vaccination , health and safety , fire fighting and first aid ) .

Program improvement work in association LET is focused on the development , dissemination and multificiranje activities , strengthening the management skills and leadership , capacity building of staff through:

– The four-year Strategic Plan Association FLIGHT period of 2013th-2016th years

The guidelines of the Strategic Plan will be an integral part of the operational plan for each year and will be the subject of analysis . SWOT analysis for the 2013th to 2015th The will point out the obstacles and ways to overcome them .

– Operational Plan for each calendar year

 SWOT analysis for the 2013th to 2015th year (mid- 2016th years )

 Implementation of the plan of human resource management and organizational structure ( the adopted program of improving the quality of the association LET) . The program consists of monthly supervision and training of employees / members of the association , periodic specific training , internal training and self-education , evaluation of the performance of the head of the association, evaluation of performance of the employee satisfaction surveys and employee needs )

 Strengthen management skills and leadership training through the Board of Directors and Executive Director of public performance , effective management of the organization and employees , financial management , teamwork , running meetings .

 Development of cooperation with other organizations through the conclusion of partnership agreements on projects of mutual concern. Association during the 2007th year decided to partner agreements, and the criteria and standards that will apply to all organizations which enters into partnership . Community Support Association provides external evaluation of individual projects and programs . Also , we work continuously to maintain network – related associations BENEFIT which gathers those areas with the implementation of harm reduction programs , and another , still unregistered network of organizations that provide services to single-parent families .