About us

Our Mission

LET/FLIGHT is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups in Croatian society, drawing up and implementing public health programs and providing social services based on the needs of its users.

The list of our activities includes the implementation of harm reduction programs , the development of health and social programs , working with young people , providing support and care for the sick and vulnerable groups , etc. All these activities are related to the implementation of three main programs :

  • harm reduction
  • work with young people
  • activities for single-parent families

We believe that all persons shall have equal access to quality information and opportunities to participate in society and deserve a dignified approach .


The aim of the Association is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable and sick persons , the protection of human health , disease prevention and social exclusion and improving the provision of social and health care . The association exclusively and directly follows the goals that are general use and of  humanitarian character.


LET/FLIGHT  established primarily sectoral cooperation with associations implementing harm reduction programs , providing assistance and support to single-parent families , in Croatia and the EU .

We initiated the launch of two networks of associations : those that implement harm reduction programs , and those that provide support and assistance to single-parent families . Network Benefit Association was founded , and member associations are: HELP, TERRA, Institute and LET .


  • participates in the work of the Platform 112
  • is a member of the Coalition of NGOs in Health Care (KUZ ) from its very inception, Iva Jovović was a member of the Board of Directors KUZ in its first mandate
  • signed with the Company SUPPORT a joint declaration on partnership to work together to improve the activities of the NGO sector and the quality of work in providing support.
  • supports the work of NGOs in BiH NORNE
  • participates together with the Council of Voluntary Services for Broxbourne and East Hearts ( UK) on a number of projects . We jointly prepared and submitted two projects to EU tenders ( EU citizens).
  • with Single Parents Network ( Bristol , UK ) is jointly prepared by the project that is intended to expand the scope and quality of services for single-parent families
  • is a member of AIDS Action Europe since its inception . Iva Jovovic was a member of the Board of Directors in its mandate 2009th to 2011
  • a member of the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network brings together organizations that implement harm reduction programs in the EU and Central Asia
  • a member of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe ( ICRs ) , which operates in the area of developing programs and services and the protection of human rights of sex workers
  • supports Correlation Network – European Network Social Inclusion & Health – whose main goal is to increase the quality of life of marginalized and excluded groups and individuals

Publications on English:

Quality of life of single-parent families in the Republic of Croatia: https://udruga-let.hr/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/kvaliteta-zivota-jednoroditeljskih-obitelji_engleski.pdf

Association and its leadership

Executive Director : Iva Jovović
Under the statute , the bodies of the Association are : the Assembly, the Executive Director and Board of Directors .
The Assembly consists of all full members of the Association .